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Gallery of Products

        'Our inventory of products includes the leading names in the manufacture, distribution and maintenance of bearings in the U.S. and other parts of the world. We make sure each item sent to you is backed by a guaranee of quality, safety, durability and 24hr after sales support...'
- Sales Manager
Demag overhead cranes
DEMAG CRANES have become some of our most powerful products with their durability, strength and staying power.
We have a vast collection of BALDOR MOTORS, the best in the business.
GROVE Gear Drives  are essential components in our inventory
Engine Belts
Compared to other methods of coatings, bearings coated with MINACOAT show less erosion, waer and fatigue; and have a longer grease life on scientific testing after years of use.
You can choose from a selection of world-class drives from BROWING, the world-wide leader in the manufacture of drives
MPB bearings are manufactured in a facility that is continually improved and upgraded by a speciliased team of highly trained precision metalworkers.
We have many different sets of MPB bearings in our collection

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This gallery contains only a small selection of our complete line of bearings and other industrial products. Call our desk or send us a request online, and we will try to meet your needs. Remember we can customer your orde to met yor specific needs. Texas Bearings & Concrete Cutting Supply wants t be your one-stop venue for anything related to bearings

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We welcome your questions and queries. Use the form on our Contact Us page to send us your request or to call us. Call and speak to our experienced Sales Manager, Michael Stephens, who has been in the business for more than 30 years, to guide you through the ordering, supply and shipment process. 

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