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Our Facility

Located on historic Second Street, our office and warehouse are just minutes from downtown Dallas and City Hall, in a safe and easily located neighborhood. 
Inside, our office has beautiful original artworks reflecting our Dallas and southwestern heritage
The facade of our building is unique. We have restored and maintained this building in its pristine original condition, with the addition of modern conveniences for our staff and clients. 
Our front office. This is what you see immediately you walk through our front door. Our service personnel are always there to take your orders or answer your questions at the service counter. 
We have a spacious parking space for our clients' personal vehicles and delivery trucks. 
Serving a client at the service counter. In line with our unabashed Texas tradition and hospitality, we have a bowl of unshelled peanuts waiting for you on the service counter; also your choice of soft drinks from the nearby vending machine.
In case our staff or client want to relax in a quiet surrounding, we have a tree-dotted half acre grassy picnic area in the back.
Close-up look of the Conference room
Our location is 2 miles south of the fountains and esplanades of the iconic and splendid Fair Park, venue of the annual Texas State Fair in September/October.
Another view of the conference room. Available for you the client to discuss in more detail, your invoice, our range of products, maintenance questions, and service plans to suit your needs. 
'Dallas landscape,' acrylic on canvass 48"x48"  One of the many original art works in the Waiting Room.
Our warehouse and repair shop. Located at the back across from the Conference Room
'Texas Bearings & Concrete Cutting Supply Abstract,' acrylic on canvas, 36"x48" an original painting on the wall of our Conference Room 
The kitchen/lounge area, located next to the Conference Room and Guest Restroom
Our Sales Manager, Mike, by his desk, with the iconic painting of the Dallas skyline in the background 

Monthly Message from the Sales Manager

We now have the new improved Minacoat bearings which are coated with a zinc-nickel alloy, as an alternative to problematic cadmium plating, to prevent erosion and prolong the lives of your bearings.

December 2015

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